Cairns Casual Sex – Singles Dating Tips For More Cairns Hookups

Cairns Casual Sex

Looking for casual encounters Cairns and ongoing casual sex arrangements? You’ve come to the right place!

Let’s be real, there is a lot to love here. But beyond the sunshine, great people, a motley of cultures, great food, and a thriving casual local sex scene is but a welcome addition to a long list of good things to write about this beautiful city in the Far North.

The city has an erotic pulse pounding underneath, so if you’re single and are keen on Cairns casual encounters, you can bet there is a lot of pounding going on around. Humans being creatures of desire, carnal appetites have to be satisfied one way or another.

A good part of it can be attributed to the high number of singles in the area.

Local Fuck Buddy Ratio?

Not only that, but the sex ratio is just about saucy enough, standing at roughly 1:1. That means the odds of finding a fuck buddy Cairns are well stacked in your favour right out of the gate.

That means…

If you’re a guy looking for a fuck buddy, or a lady dying to find a man to give you some good action, there is PLENTY to get excited about.

While navigating the free sex Cairns playground might seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. The secret lies in knowing where to look and how to best present yourself ‘to the market’. Once you find yourself in these erotic playgrounds, having some street smarts on how best to navigate them can give you an upper hand.

Hookup In Cairns

Bar Scene Vs Hookup Site

That’s because avenues of exploration are not created equal. For instance, the tactics you might employ at the bar might not be the most effective when reapplied on a casual encounters website.

Don’t fret, these are the issues we shall be dissecting in this post. We all need to free our inner sexual beasts from their cages once in a while.

So, boys and girls…

If you want to come out and play, consider this your erotica Cairns guide.

We’re going to share casual sex dating advice that should boost your chances of getting laid, ideally splitting this into two sections – tips for guys and tips for the girls.

We will disclose some great hookup websites and apps (with the online avenue being our main focus) that are good hunting grounds for casual sex online. We will also give mention to what is a growing fad in the local adult casual encounters community, which you may or may not be familiar with.

Ready? Let’s get straight to it then!

How To Meet Girls Cairns

Cairns Dating

They say knowledge is power. If you’re armed with solid intel, finding casual sex Cairns partners can be a quick sport.

There are a lot of like-minded souls out there looking for the same thing as you: to find casual sex partner. If you have tried it before, perhaps you’ve realised that looking for casual sex can be a bit of a hit and miss experience.

But it doesn’t need to be when you keep the following tips in mind…

1. EXPECT it to be a numbers game – try to avoid getting frustrated when you don’t get replies to messages or to even less sincere forms of “I like you”, such as ‘likes/kisses’ or whatever it’s called on the particular site or app you’re using.

Remember, you’re not face to face, so people feel less inclined to be polite because, a) They’re getting inundated with messages (especially the attractive women), b) They don’t lose face by not responding, unlike in the real world if you ask someone a question or make a comment, you always get a response of some sort.

2. BE Better – If you’re not getting the action you hoped from a site or app, there’s always something you can improve, such as better photos, better text, better clothing in the photos, better grooming, better lighting, etc, etc.

Try to think of it like: ‘what can I do to improve myself so that the opposite sex finds me more attractive?

Rather than being critical of THEM not responding, be positively-critical about yourself and use it as motivation to improve yourself in one or more ways. This way you’ll win no matter what because you’ll be making a positive change, and that is rewarding in itself.


We won’t try to gloss over the reality here, unlike many a casual sex blog out there that makes it out to be a Sunday picnic. If it was, the question of how can I get laid easily would not be one of the most asked on the Internet now, would it?


This is NOT meant to affirm the all-too-common mental block about the dearth of casual sex partners that singles in Cairns (and the world at large) find themselves dealing with at one point or the other.

Quite the contrary.

Realism is a hard thing to come by these days, especially on the web. But we try to be different, because we’ve been in those shoes ourselves and trod that path of trying to find sex in Cairns with little to no success.

We get it.

We get how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to find a fuck mate badly only to see your efforts come to nought. [too much ‘negativity/negative feelings’ here. Focus on the positive(s)]

Cairns Fuck

BUT remember… it’s up to you for the most part!

And that’s exciting… because you can always make positive changes to improve the probability of getting more responses, more dates and ultimately, MORE SEX.

Here are some things to consider ‘updating’ about yourself…

1) Attitude / Mindset – are you repeating negative self-talk such as “it’s hard to find someone”, “it’s hard to get laid”, “I’m not as good looking as most guys/girls”, “I’m too fat”, or “I’m too old”. To turn this around, start by repeating an opposite, positive phrase. And if it feels like a lie, is this REALLY the first time you’ve ever lied to yourself? Don’t worry, we ALL do it!

So just affirm the positive as a way of dragging yourself into the future in a positive way. You’ll feel better, you’ll walk taller, you’ll ooze an energy that the opposite sex will notice… and isn’t this your goal?

2) Appearance – who gets more sex… the guy dressed like a bum, or the guy in a nice crisp white shirt, smart jeans and shiny leather shoes with well-groomed hair (and even a well-groomed beard)?

Appearance is HUGE, especially if you’re a guy wanting to attract girls, as they’re more conscious of such things, and they can often fall for a guy purely from the way he’s dressed and how he carries himself. It’s up to you to BE THAT GUY.

3) Body Language – following on from above, women can become attracted to a guy just from his body language. If he oozes confidence, walks tall, keeps his chin up and his gaze is slow and meaningful, a woman will think to herself, ‘who is THIS guy?’.

She’ll feel like he’s someone with a purpose, someone who’s a leader, someone who can LEAD HER… whether it’s in the bedroom or in life in general as a potential partner. You can BE THAT GUY.

Let’s be honest, there is nothing like getting intimate with someone you’re strongly attracted to, whether that be a casual sex fuck mate or someone you’ve had on your radar for a while.


Coming next are some important casual hookup tips based on real life experiences; ideas rooted in reality that will help you satiate those sexual desires that have you thinking about sex every seven seconds.

The burning question revolves around how to find casual sex. That’s what everyone is asking.

Cairns Hook Up

Casual Dating Cairns – Do’s And Don’t’s

Here is solid some advice on casual dating Cairns that outlines the do’s and don’ts you need to be aware of when trying to find some potential mates around your neck of the woods – or from the city in general.

Local casual dating is as much about the things you need to do as much as the pitfalls you need to avoid, you see.

If the information we’ve gathered from our multiple interactions with single men and single women Cairns over the years is anything to go by, sometimes it’s not what you didn’t do, but rather, the things you got wrong in your approach.

This seems to affect guys more than the girls, but that can be down to the fact that we guys tend to be less picky when hunting for females interested in a Cairns hookup. Literally, anything goes.

It doesn’t mean the lady folk get a free pass if they need to pick someone up on a whim. As a girl, you might probably be guilty of a few mistakes that have kept that hunk you’ve been swooning over like a schoolgirl.

Then again…

To know is to understand

And knowing some of the common mistakes men and women make when looking for casual encounters in Cairns, it’s easier to avoid them so you don’t damage your chances of getting a fuck mate or three.

At the end of the day, casual sex hookups may not be about finding someone to spend the rest of your life with (although you can’t bet against it) but we’re all mindful of who we sleep with and our initial interactions with them can reveal a lot about them.

Provided, of course, they pass the aesthetics test, a big deal in casual hook-up culture because let’s be real – men, women – everyone wants to bang the hottest Cairns sex singles, that’s no secret.

Speaking of aesthetics…

What exactly are the signals of attraction for each gender?

For Women…

  • Eyes
  • Shoulders
  • Body Language
  • General appearance (grooming, clothing, hygiene)
  • Personality (attitude/mindset, beliefs)

For Men…

  • Attractiveness (face and body shape)
  • Breasts and Bum
  • Personality (attitude/mindset, beliefs)

Are guys more easily pleased than women? Umm… YES.

But let’s not fight nature 🙂

Moving right along…

Once you figure out where to find casual sex, it is imperative that you start cultivating a “relationship” with your interests.

We say that because the whole idea is to find a free fuck Cairns partner without having to go into your pocket. And this especially goes for the guys.


Casual fling or not, the bedrock of a good (and ideally, lasting) friends with benefits arrangement is building a rapport with your potential mating partner from the get-go.

There needs to be an element of:

  • Trust
  • Safety, and
  • Respect

Good looks and attraction notwithstanding.


While you and your prospective Cairns fuck buddy might only be getting together for the sex, and it pays to be direct in your approach, the only people likely to respond to direct sexual advances are probably the pleasure givers at the local bordello.

We should probably have listed that as Mistake #1, but well…

Let’s walk you through those tips, starting with advice for the guys.

Fuck Buddy In Cairns

Casual Dating Tips For Guys (The ‘DO’ List)

• Make a good impression

That starts with a solid profile on the Cairns hookup sites you’ve registered on. A picture says a thousand words, three pictures a couple more thousand, so keep that in mind when setting your profile pic and supporting photos.

Your words say a lot about you too. You don’t want to be taken for a dummy, so work on the grammar and don’t forget the spellcheck.

• Be direct (but NOT that direct!)

When approaching girls for sex in Cairns, you don’t need to beat around the bush and play the long game. Let’s leave that to the teenagers.

If she’s on a casual dating app, she’s also probably looking to find casual hookups, so introduce yourself and let her know you are attracted to her.

Just don’t be too overt by, for example, asking her if she’s in the mood for some dick pics.

• The opener matters

Most women on hook up Cairns sites are used to the familiar openers – “you’re cute” or “I like your smile”.


Trust us, she gets plenty of those. How about try to be different by putting some effort in your messages?

“You seem to be adventurous” [judging from her profile]. “I’m curious, if you won an all-expenses paid trip to a destination of your choice, where would you go first?”

That should catch her attention.

• Humour sells

Speaking of attention – got jokes? Girls like funny. Tickling their funny bone is one sure-fire way to pique their interest and score some quick casual sex.

Find some quirks unique to you and find a way to groove some wit into it. It’s called self-deprecating humour.


If jokes are not your forte, there are other ways you can stand out. Like being a keen listener, although this is more likely to be a factor when you meet in person.

• Establish common ground

Closely related to our previous point, getting through to single girls Cairns, or anyone else for that matter, behind a cold, hard screen can be challenging – keeping in mind you two are total strangers.

That’s why it’s essential to establish common ground by finding similar interests you might share. If there are none, no one said you two have to be birds of a feather to click. After all, unlike poles do attract too.

• Be honest

Dishonesty is a turn-off. If you’re a clinical officer, don’t tell her you’re a medical doctor.

If you plan to meet your potential sex Cairns partner in person (which you do) you don’t want to see all the effort you put in go to waste because of a few lies that could have been avoided.

• Be brief

The whole point you’re on the dating platform is to find fuck people near you. Be brief in your interactions and avoid getting sucked into giving a speech about your likes and dislikes, including your favourite colour and ideal breakfast.

Brevity creates a sense of intrigue. Plus, the focus should be on taking the conversation offline as soon as the rapport with your aspiring sex buddy Cairns allows.

• Rack up some casual sex contacts

Dating is a numbers game. You’re looking to get laid Cairns, and the more girls you can ask out, the higher your chances of getting some.

Don’t hold yourself back, but don’t spread yourself too thin either. Two solid dates are better than five who’re bound to flake out. Or as the saying goes, a bird in hand (no pun intended) is worth two in the bush.

• Be interesting

You need to understand why you’re getting in the “relationship” in the first place. You’re neither the girl’s best friend, nor her boyfriend. You joined the casual app to get (say it with us) casual sex today – and so did she.

As such, your chatter needs to align with her desires – freedom and sex. That is very much yours as well.

Places To Meet Girls Cairns

3 Top Mistakes To Avoid: (The ‘DON’T’ List)

1. Don’t be a jerk

Just because it’s a casual fling doesn’t mean you should be disrespectful. Respect is what grown-ups do to each other, and that’s what you are.

2. Don’t be a nag

If you’ve initiated contact with some hot potential Cairns fuck buddies and haven’t received a response weeks after you circled back, you don’t have to flood her inbox.

Whether it’s from a lack of common courtesy on her part or whatever her reasons for not being responsive might be, it’s not an indictment on you. Those are just the ways of the world and you have to learn to take it on the chin like a man.

3. Don’t be too keen

That’s right.

We all want free sex in Cairns, but a common pitfall many guys succumb to is being too eager about things. Enthusiasm is a good thing, sure, but it can turn women off when you’re too full on.

That’s because men and women have different sexual response cycles, and some women can perceive it as a bit too much if you’re too gung-ho.

Cairns NSA

Casual Dating Tips For Women (The ‘DO’ List)

• Keep it light

Nobody likes a whiner, double so on dating platforms.

This is not the right platform to complain about previous relationships you’ve had. Or to outline a laundry list of the qualities you’re not looking for from potential friends with benefits Cairns. That comes across as judgemental and close-minded. [Next!]

• Be honest

This one can be a hard ask for many girls, but hey, the times of playing hide-and-seek are long gone. If you’re looking for a roll in the hay, ‘woman up’ and go get what you want.

The upside to boning casual sex singles is you don’t have to see them again. If you don’t want to, that is…

• Play nice

Manners don’t have to fly out the window just because your Cairns free sex encounter isn’t going to metamorphose into anything serious.

Respect is important in any relationship, casual or otherwise. So, be kind to the other party just as you would with any other human being; just sans the attachment.

• Make sure everyone knows the score

They don’t like to admit it, but men can be ‘into you’ fast, especially if your sex game is solid.

But make it clear from the start that you’re not looking for something serious, especially if you’re only interested in no strings dating Cairns and nothing more.

Swear an oath like Mila if you have to:

• Be safe

Of all the fuck buddy tips we’re going to dish out, this one ranks right up there. And you can view it in different angles.

Condoms won’t protect you from everything out there (we’re looking at you herpes!) but they’re a good form of defence. You might also want to broach the topic of getting tested before you try out anything.

Are you into kinks? If you’re not – and even if you are and are not comfortable with the person just yet – perhaps it’s not a great idea to have a total stranger tie you up during the act on your first encounter.

• You don’t have to be yourself

You know, unless you want to…

And by this we mean DO what you damn well please!

Cairns casual sex encounters are a great opportunity to reinvent yourself sexually.

Missionary doesn’t have to dominate proceedings. Make an ass of yourself. Be as dirty as you want to. Relish these moments. The guys you bang and leave in your wake [gasp] will most definitely do too.

• It’s okay to have a few people in your mix

Yes, the guys you leave in your wake. That’s one of the perks of casual dating: it is possible (and absolutely fine) to have multiple Cairns sex buddies.

That doesn’t make you a whore. You’re just not letting yourself get bogged down by conventional relationship rules. Because your fling is anything but.

3 Top Mistakes To Avoid: (The ‘DON’T’ List)

1. Don’t be a catfish

Digital platforms (and that includes local casual encounters apps, not just social media) have made it easy to portray ourselves as people we are not.

Women are particularly guilty of getting caught up in the pursuit of perfection, whether that’s through the use of filters or airbrushing photos.

That’s deceit. And it’s not sexy. Make peace with the person you are. That’s how Cairns single girls attract the most viable mates.

2. Avoid possessiveness, please

If your search for casual sex nearby has borne a guy of your wildest dreams, it’s easy for feelings to creep in if you’re not careful.

This can rear an ugly side that can be a turn-off in hook-up culture: possessiveness. That’s something you want to avoid like the plague – or pandemic rather, going by current times.

3. No asking for personal favours

Let’s face it, every girl likes it when a man does stuff for her, whether it’s a sink that needs repairing or lending a hand when moving house.

But unless things change along the way, you need to treat him as the person he is in your life: Mr. Right Now, not Mr. Right.

So, avoid asking your fuck buddies Cairns to watch your cat if you won’t be in town for the week. Find someone else to assume that duty.

Single Women Over 30 Cairns

Best Ways To Meet Local Singles

If you’re still wondering how to find NSA sex, let’s get to that now…

At the start of this article, we alluded to giving focus to online platforms. That’s not from a point of bias. Rather, the convenience that comes with casual dating websites and apps have, for most people, made them the best place to find casual hookups.

Anyone who’s tried it will admit conventional hangouts like bars and clubs pose a unique challenge. Not just in the approach, but also when you factor in the slim odds of finding a one night stand.

Unless, of course, you want to explore the Cairns personals section.

Men are easy customers, so that doesn’t apply a lot for the ladies.


If you’re hoping to find a free hookup near you, you might want to consider online platforms, more so those that cater to casual arrangements.

Here are a few we would recommend…

Dating Websites & Apps (this site you’re on now)

As a casual-only site we make it easier for you to find like-minded singles looking for casual sex in Cairns by having all the local horny singles in one site. Meet singles nearby instantly and you could be arranging a hookup as early as tonight!

Spice of Life

It may not be the biggest site for adult dating Cairns, but Spice of Life warrants a mention in our list due to the proximity aspect of it. A great option when looking for casual sex near me.

Adult Matchmaker

One of the oldest resources around, the best thing about Adult Matchmaker is its high number of users, from those interested in finding true love, to others looking for Cairns hookups, and so on.


Somewhere in the middle between our aforementioned options in terms of numbers, Be Naughty is an alternative to consider when hunting for fellow horny Cairns partners.

3 Mistakes To Avoid:

1. Avoid group photos, at least when it comes to the main profile picture which needs to be a solo shot.

2. Always specify what you want. Instead of trying to convince yourself that the heartthrob you’ve stumbled upon will change his/her mind, if you’re interested in casual sex in my area, you stand better chance of finding a match if you specify what you want. Looking for anal sex Cairns? We’re sure there are like-minded pleasure seekers out there looking for the same thing.

3. Limiting your options. When you’re super picky about what you want – for example, by specifying that you’ll only respond to “those above 6’.0”” – you are doing yourself a disservice by locking out plenty of awesome potential fuck buddies.


Curvy Single Ladies Cairns

Cairns Dogging

If you’re open to it, you probably noticed more and more ads about dogging in Cairns over the last few years.

But what does it mean, exactly?

Dogging is, um, a genre of casual sex that involves couples deliberately performing acts of affection (and we don’t mean kissing) in public or semi-public areas.

Closely linked to exhibitionism and voyeurism, the couple having sex usually entertains a crowd of “watchers” who may choose to just enjoy the show or partake in the events from the sidelines by masturbating.

If you’re lucky, the active participants in this form of hookups Cairns may invite you to join in, although most prefer being the protagonists of the show. Touching the performers is forbidden (unless you’re invited to) and the watchers are generally expected to abide by a code of conduct that ensures things remain civil.

Dogging is said to have originated in England in the early 2000s, and when it came into public view (pun intended) following a number of dogging incidents and arrests, it has since spread like wild fire, with Australia being one of the inheritors of this fascinating hook-up sub-culture.

If you want to hookup in Cairns for dogging, there are plenty of known places to get laid and meet fellow doggers around the city, but these remain on the hush-hush as the act is prohibited by law.

Where To Meet Women Cairns


As you can gather from this post, the hookup Cairns culture is a booming one.

This can only be good news for singles who need to get laid but wondering how to find casual hookups in the city.

We hope this guide has shed light not just on where to find casual hookups, but we would like to believe the tips shared will prove useful in your efforts to navigate the NSA Cairns landscape.

We would hate the idea of you missing out on all the fun. Because there’s plenty of it to be had!

Adult Shops Cairns: 4 Top Sex Toy Stores In Cairns!

Spice Up Your Sex Life With The Best Sex Shops In Cairns!

Looking for the best adult shops in Cairns?

It can take some courage to enter an adult store. You don’t know who can see you or you’re worried about what the salespeople in the store will think of you. We get you. We’ve all been there.

That’s why we made this guide to the best sex toy shops in Cairns so you’ll know where to go for discrete sex toy shopping!

And whether you’re looking for sex in Cairns or if you’re in an existing relationship, these stores will have all the products to help you fulfill your sexual fantasies.

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, into bondage, or if you simply want to know how it feels like to bang a porn star.

These awesome local sex shops in Cairns have your interests covered!

• Anal Plugs
• Blow Up Sex Dolls
• Bondage
• Condoms
• Cock Rings
• Dildos
• Edible Underwear
• Flesh Lights
• Life-Like Sex Dolls
• Lingerie
• Lubricants
• Magazines
• Masturbators
• Movies
• Novelty Items
• Party Games
• Penis Pumps
• Stimulators
• Strap-Ons
• Vibrators

The Best Adult Shops In Cairns

Keep reading our article and find out the best ways to live out your most fabulous sexual fantasies!

Here are the best sex shops in Cairns to visit…


Discover all the possibilities in sex when you visit the Erotica adult store in Cairns.

Not only does Erotica carry an extensive line of sex toys but they also host adult-themed events such as “Bondage and Worship” workshops!

Erotica offers an interesting line of products that you will surely enjoy. Why not have dessert before the main course when you apply “Jo Gelato Flavoured Lubricant”?

Its hand-blown “Icicles Glass Massager” can be a conversation piece – before all the fun starts!

10 Shields Street, Cairns.

Cairns Adult Store Online

Get personal at Cairns Adult Store Online – in fact, they welcome it! Cairns Adult Store Online has a highly-trained customer service team on standby. If you have questions, they have the answers.

Check out their line of fun and exciting sex toys. Cairns Adult Store has a pleasure-packed list of masturbators for men like the “A Slice Of Swiss Vagina” which comes with a vibrating egg.

Women will enjoy the “Butterfuly Bizzy Beaver” which is a strap with a multi-speed silicone vibe.

Lyons Street, Cairns

Aphrodite’s Angels

Charge up bedroom playtime by including some interesting sex toys from Aphrodite’s Angels!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a “rookie” or a “vet” in the world of sex play. Aphrodite’s Angels will have something for you. The store is manna from heaven!

This online adult store has a vast menu of the most delicious sex toys, lubricants, and novelty items in the market.

They have a wide selection of anal plugs, cock rings, dildos, masturbators, vibrators, and kits for bondage and party games.

Speaking of parties, book one at Aphrodite’s Angels and have the time of your life!

Mount Sheridan.

Honey Birdette

Step inside one of the most elegant and glamorous sex shops in Cairns. Honey Birdette provides an adult shopping experience like no other!

Allow the “Honeys”, the store’s customer service team, to give you a tour of the place.

Visit the “Pleasure Palace” where you can see all of the sex products and intimate wear on display.

While you’re at it, a Honey will serve you a glass of champagne! After a visit to Honey Birdette, you will be a star in the bedroom.

Corner McLeod and Spence Streets, Shop GD1001A

Did we just get your engines revving? Drive on into to any of these fantastic sex shops in Cairns and turn your curiosity into a mind-blowing experience!